Saturday, August 17, 2013

Forgetting Fear and Winning Uncertainty

Uncertainty breeds fear. Despite all our strengths and preparation to face a situation in our lives, factors beyond our control exist as roots of uncertainty. Our perceptions, beliefs and past failures build upon such uncertainties to have a full fledged fear with deep roots inside us.
Significance of factors beyond our control vary and hence possible impact these factors have on the 'Desired' outcome. Please take note of 'Desired' here.
Fear has its roots, both, from uncertainty around factors beyond our control and from doubts on factors that are under our control, our strengths, in other words.
As individuals we all face situations in our lives- both expected and unexpected. Our ability to foresee/pre-empt these situations helps us prepare better but FEAR may still exist.
Law of attraction is a concept that teaches to fight fear and get a desired outcome. It educates us to practice sending out positive statements/desire statement to our brain. Constant positive re-enforcement impacts our thinking and finally, influences our actions. As a result, we forget about the uncertainty. We only remember what we desire and the strength that we posses to achieve the desired outcome.

1 comment:

  1. Past plays a vital role on our life.
    It is what makes our life HELL and HEAVEN too.
    Past is a teacher, teaches us to fell FEAR and PROUD too.
    Past leads us to DOOM and as well as GLORY too.
    Past is what ? It depends on us, yes i mean it, it depends on individual how she or he takes PAST.
    So Past has no reason to proud on,we Mango please do make PAST.

    Rest you always says right or what is right only.